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44/5000 State-owned assets chida listed private enterprises tianxin chai tonghua city plans to set up 5 billion support fund

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State-owned assets chida listed private enterprises tianxin chai tonghua city plans to set up 5 billion support fund
Recently, we learned from the financial office of tonghua city that in view of the liquidity problem of equity pledge faced by private listed companies, tonghua city plans to set up a fund of 5 billion yuan to support the development of listed companies and fully support the development of private economy. The fund will be jointly invested by the municipal and county governments and will actively introduce financial institutions and other social capital. The fund will formulate a scientific and reasonable investment plan according to the actual operation of each listed company. It will not seek for a controlling stake, do not interfere in the normal business activities of the enterprise, and hold shares in stages. Once the enterprise dissolves the liquidity crisis, it will exit in time.
And before this, in a month, already had guangdong shenzhen, hunan, zhejiang, sichuan chengdu, Beijing to wait for the state capital of more than 10 areas to be exposed to already was in the near future roll out or brew to save a city plan. According to incomplete statistics, the relevant funds will total hundreds of billions of yuan, which will provide liquidity support for listed companies, especially private enterprises.
It is understood that the specific plans of local governments to support listed companies have their own characteristics according to the local industrial conditions and the actual needs of listed companies. For example, shenzhen started from the two aspects of debt and equity to build a risk mutual aid mechanism; Beijing haidian district government has offered support and assistance to key enterprises in difficulties in accordance with the requirements of "market-oriented principle and one enterprise, one policy". The package plan proposed by the hunan provincial government includes taking the lead to promote the establishment of listed companies' equity investment industrial fund, providing liquidity support, coordinating financial institutions to give support, and assisting in introducing enterprises under the jurisdiction of industry leading strategic investment or facilitating strategic cooperation.
Tonghua is a model city for the development and reform of private economy in northeast China. This year, the city issued ten measures to strengthen financial services for the real economy, and encouraged the reform of stock regulations and the listing of "double eight" measures to promote the high-quality development of private enterprises. At the recent financial work conference held in the city, tonghua organized the financial, tax, people's bank of China, banking supervision and other departments, together with more than ten commercial Banks in the region, to analyze the liquidity problem of private listed companies' equity pledge, and put forward targeted solutions.
With the launch of the plan, tonghua also became the first local government in northeast China to issue a specific plan to assist local listed private enterprises.
It is worth noting that tonghua is also the birthplace of Chinese ginseng culture, known as "the hometown of Chinese ginseng" and "the industrial base of Chinese ginseng". Ginseng industry plays an important role in tonghua pharmaceutical health industry and overall industrial layout. Among the local listed companies, zixin pharmaceutical and yisheng pharmaceutical are the domestic ginseng industry leaders.
Especially violet xin pharmaceutical industry, just announced the newest progress that introduces state - owned capital recently. According to the announcement, liuhe county fenglingda health industrial park co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as fenglingda health company) will become the controlling shareholder of zixin pharmaceutical. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary initiated and established by jilin jucai industrial co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as jucai industry), and the actual controller of jucai industry is liuhe county finance bureau. With the introduction of special development fund of 5 billion yuan in tonghua city to support listed companies, zixin pharmaceutical is also expected to receive double support from the local government.