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Changchun City promotes the integration of Chinese medicine into the big health industry

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Changchun City actively promotes the in-depth integration of traditional Chinese medicine with old-age care, tourism and culture, effectively develops Chinese medicine resources, develops new products and new formats that adapt to the market, creates new supplies, and releases new demands.


First, accelerate the development of health care services for Chinese medicine. In order to enable the elderly to be old and have a doctor, we will provide old-age services with Chinese medicine characteristics. Actively explore the mode of combining Chinese medicine services with old-age services, support conditional old-age care institutions to add Chinese medicine medical projects, and give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine in the field of aged care services. At present, Changchun Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital (East District), as a pilot program for medical care and rehabilitation, plans to build a new medical care service institution that integrates medical care, rehabilitation, nursing and pension in one of the new models of “medical support” and “medical support”. 


The second is to develop healthy tourism for Chinese medicine. Cooperate with the tourism department to build a platform for Chinese medicine health care and health tourism, and carry out traditional Chinese medicine health care tourism. Design Chinese medicine culture tourism routes, and clarify the content that Chinese medicine tourism can see, walk, eat, live, bring, and experience. Taijiquan, Ba Duanjin and other health-care sports were launched in the Taiji Health Sports Plaza in the Chinese Medicine Culture Street, the Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Town, and the Chinese Medicine Health Theme Park.


The third is to develop a series of Chinese medicine health care products. Encourage Chinese medicine medical institutions to carry out research and development of high value-added new products such as medicines, foods, health products and cosmetics based on traditional Chinese medicine. It has developed four-year health tea, Chinese medicine health sachet, Chinese medicine health wine, Chinese medicine health cream, Chinese medicine sleep pillow, Chinese medicine beauty cosmetics and other traditional Chinese medicine health care products. It promoted the development of the Chinese medicine health service industry and extended the scope of Chinese medicine services.