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Zixin simiao pills were presented at the 22nd national conference on rheumatism of the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine

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Zixin simiao pills were presented at the 22nd national conference on rheumatism of the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine
From October 12 to 13, 2018, the 22nd national conference on rheumatism of the Chinese academy of traditional Chinese medicine was held in dongfang hotel, guangzhou. Nearly a thousand experts in the field of rheumatism from all over the country attended the meeting. This conference combines theory with clinical practice, inherits and innovates, aims to strengthen the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the level of clinical diagnosis and treatment, jointly promote academic exchanges, and develop the cause of rheumatism of traditional Chinese medicine.
Purple xin pharmaceutical with exclusive products four wonderful pills appeared in this meeting. On October 12th, the special satellite meeting of four wonderful pills of zixin pharmaceutical company will be held in the AB hall of the convention and exhibition of dongfang hotel. At the satellite meeting, jiang quan, chairman of the rheumatology branch of the Chinese association of traditional Chinese medicine and director of the rheumatology and immunology department of guang 'anmen hospital, delivered a keynote speech on "the past and present life of the classic formula four fine pills with dampproof and heat syndrome". Director jiang from wet, hot to four wonderful pills, step by step to four wonderful pills for in-depth interpretation, so that the experts attending the meeting fully understand the four wonderful pills "this life".
The meeting of the purple xin pharmaceutical industry exhibition in A3 booths, with Chinese classic style of traditional Chinese medicine as the theme, exhibition nate check-in area, product demonstration, including: medicine, ginseng products display, in show business at the same time, through its distinctive medicated thread, the adornment of the textbooks, Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine box added traditional Chinese medicine for exhibition features, more attractive.
To promote traditional Chinese medicine culture, during the meeting held in the galleries in the traditional "purple xin pharmaceutical their challenge, many experts involved in the game, between DengZi, traditional Chinese medicine with the speed and accuracy, both show let experts feel fun, also through the game to understand the four wonderful shot four flavor of herbs.
During the meeting, Mr. Luo lu, marketing director of zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD., accepted an interview on behalf of the company to ask about rheumatism. First of all, he wished the annual meeting of rheumatism a complete success and thanked chairman jiang and other experts for their support to zixin pharmaceutical and simiao pills. At the same time, luo also introduced the company's future development strategy of simiao pills, hoping to make simiao pills a classic medicine for dampness and heat syndrome and the first brand of traditional Chinese medicine for gout through basic research and pre-clinical experimental research.
In the annual meeting of rheumatism of traditional Chinese medicine, the special satellite meeting and off-site activities of zixin pharmaceutical got a warm response, four wonderful pills shine in the meeting.
As a traditional Chinese medicine pharmaceutical enterprise, zixin pharmaceutical will shoulder the responsibility of inheriting and developing traditional Chinese medicine. Carry forward traditional Chinese medicine culture and take the road of professional academic promotion. Vigorously develop the strategy of large variety of simiao pills, contribute to the development of rheumatism of traditional Chinese medicine, and work with experts to let more patients gain health.