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Liu huawen, mayor of tonghua, conducted field research on the project of jingui pharmaceutical industry park

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Liu huawen, mayor of tonghua, conducted field research on the project of jingui pharmaceutical industry park
On the afternoon of August 23, 2018, liu huawen, mayor of tonghua city, went deep into the construction site of the construction project of jingui pharmaceutical industrial park in tonghua pharmaceutical high-tech industry development zone to check the progress of the project construction. Municipal government secretary-general li tao, the municipal government deputy secretary-general, Shi Xiuming, director of the office, the municipal land bureau chief bonorapl.influence of the municipal environmental protection bureau chief Cao Yanfeng Li Yunyu, director of the city's water bureau, the city health development planning commission director Yu Fengxiang, city planning bureau director Yang wenjun, the municipal development and reform commission (NDRC) chief engineer Jiang Minglin, secretary of the working committee, management committee director JiKaiPing tonghua medicine high-tech zone, and tonghua medicine high-tech zone zhong-hui li, deputy director of the vice secretary of working committee, management committee, deputy director of the ac GuanShi into etc to participate in the survey. Group actual controller guo chunsheng, jin GUI pharmaceutical general manager li zhuoxun accompanied by research.
Guo chunsheng introduced the construction of jingui pharmaceutical industrial park to liu huawen and his party in detail. Jingui Pharmaceutical, a subsidiary of Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd., was invested in the Pharmaceutical high-tech zone of tonghua city, Jilin province, belonging to a key regional enterprise. With a total investment of 500 million yuan, the park covers an area of 110,000 square meters and a new construction area of 64,000 square meters. Affected by the demolition and relocation in the construction area, the project resumed construction in August this year. Now, the project is in full swing. After asking about the progress of the project and the difficulties encountered in the process of construction, liu huowen pointed out that the pharmaceutical industry is one of the key advantageous industries developed by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It is necessary to accelerate the development of the pharmaceutical industry and make contributions to promoting local economic development and promoting urban employment. Liu huowen said, zixin jingui pharmaceutical has a good prospect for development, the enterprise to accelerate the pace of project construction, and strive to complete as soon as possible, production and efficiency. Relevant government departments will do their best to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the project construction for enterprises and create favorable conditions for the development of enterprises and project construction.
The project of jingui pharmaceutical industry park is located in the traffic artery of tonghua city, with a superior geographical position, and is highly valued by the municipal party committee and government of tonghua city. It plays an exemplary role in showing the good appearance of tonghua medical city. We will take this survey as an opportunity, live up to the great trust, work hard, and do our best to promote the project construction to speed up, so that the jingui pharmaceutical industry park will become a bright pearl of tonghua city and even jilin province as soon as possible.