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Purple xin ginseng stunning appearance "wonderful jilin, embrace the world" theme promotion

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Purple xin ginseng stunning appearance "wonderful jilin, embrace the world" theme promotion
On August 17, 2018, the "wonderful jilin, embrace the world" themed promotion conference (hereinafter referred to as the "promotion conference") was held in changchun as one of the series of activities of "2018 global promotion of jilin province -- foreign envoys going to jilin". At the invitation of jilin provincial council for the promotion of international trade, general manager of zixin pharmaceutical xu daqing, ginseng sales brand department liu zhongkai, together with hundreds of years of wild ginseng, introduced jilin ginseng industry to jilin provincial leaders and foreign envoys in China, showing the unique charm of zixin ginseng.
This promotion meeting is to further expand the open space of jilin province, enhance the international image of jilin province, and comprehensively boost the revitalization and development of jilin province. It is jointly held by the jilin provincial government and the ministry of foreign affairs of the People's Republic of China, and undertaken by the provincial foreign affairs office. Diplomatic envoys from 30 countries, their families and media representatives from home and abroad gathered together for a wonderful trip to jilin. Jilin provincial party secretary ba yinchaolu, governor jing junhai and other leaders attended the presentation.
In jilin ginseng exhibition area, purple xin ginseng as the only ginseng enterprises in the province to participate in the current exchange meeting, it shows purple xin ginseng ginseng industry in jilin province has a pivotal position.
Feng qingzhong, chairman of jilin province trade promotion association, and Chen honggang, vice-chairman of jilin province trade promotion association, paid special attention to the hundred-year wild ginseng of zixin, and had an in-depth exchange with general manager xu daqing on the status quo of ginseng industry in jilin province and the development situation of ginseng industry of zixin pharmaceutical. Both sides indicated that they will strengthen the cooperation between government and enterprises in the future and jointly push jilin ginseng to go global.
When foreign diplomats visited the exhibition area of jilin people, they showed great interest in the hundred-year wild ginseng of zixin, and asked the interpreter about the situation of jilin ginseng from time to time. At the exhibition site, purple xin ginseng specially prepared for the envoys in China ginseng soft candy, ginseng honey tablets, red ginseng and gelatin cakes and other tasting products, so that foreign friends enjoy the taste of purple xin ginseng. "It tastes great. / It's delicious." The recognition of purple xin ginseng by foreign envoys fully proves that "the world people visit China, Chinese people visit jilin, and jilin people visit purple xin" is not empty words.
China news service (CNS) jilin branch President shi junfeng has heard a little about the hundred-year purple xin ginseng, through the introduction of general manager xu daqing, he learned that the purple xin pharmaceutical auction "ginseng king" process. President shi said, China news service is specially to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese newspapers and periodicals, Chinese radio and television broadcast of the national news agency, is engaged in external publicity professional institutions, the recent plan in Hong Kong to set up a Chinese characteristics exhibition hall, invites purple xin ginseng stationed in overseas publicity and promotion of jilin ginseng.
During the promotion meeting, foreign diplomats and provincial and municipal leaders came to visit and consult purple xin ginseng booth in an endless procession. The unanimous praise from domestic and foreign people also laid a solid foundation for purple xin ginseng to walk out of jilin and step into the world. Purple xin ginseng future, worth looking forward to!
Xu daqing communicated with feng qingzhong (left), President of ccpit xiamen and Chen honggang (right), vice President of ccpit xiamen.
Xu daqing exchanged views with shi junfeng (left), President of China news service jilin branch, and hideki ishizuka (center), consul general of Japan in shenyang.
General manager xu daqing introduced purple xin ginseng products to foreign envoys.
Liu zhongkai introduced to the members of the Russian ambassador's delegation the century-old wild ginseng of zixin.
Liu zhongkai introduced purple xin ginseng products to the ambassadors.
Liu zhongkai introduced purple xin ginseng products to the ambassadors.
Members of the ambassadors from various countries scrambled to taste purple xin ginseng products.