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Shao wenqian, vice President of zixin pharmaceutical, has been included in the 2018 Forbes China 30 under 30 list

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Shao wenqian, vice President of zixin pharmaceutical, has been included in the 2018 Forbes China 30 under 30 list
On August 2, 2018, Forbes China officially released the 2018 China "30 Under 30" list (Forbes China 30 Under 30). Shao wenqian, vice President and head of overseas business system of zixin pharmaceutical co.
A total of 600 industry elites were selected. These 600 young talents are transforming China's economic life and enhancing its global influence while increasing social work opportunities and promoting economic development. The selection of shao wenqian not only shows her excellent personal ability and remarkable career achievements, but also highlights the fruitful achievements of zixin pharmaceutical in talent selection and training, which is well deserved.
In 2016, shao wenqian served as vice President of zixin pharmaceutical and head of overseas business system. With her unique international strategic vision, extraordinary business wisdom and keen market sense of smell, she led purple xin pharmaceutical industry layout in Europe, Canada and the United States to great fanfare, for purple xin pharmaceutical overseas business expansion and the implementation of international strategy made great contributions. In Europe, Dutch company Fytagoras, a subsidiary of zixin pharmaceutical co., LTD., owns more than 600 convertible technologies and is a world leader in the field of cutting-edge agricultural technologies. Later, she helped purple xin pharmaceutical industry layout in Canada, has planned American ginseng research and quality research institute, American ginseng international union and other organizations.
In 2017, zixin pharmaceutical established its us subsidiary in the us. The establishment of the us subsidiary of zixin aims to make use of the international professional research and development team and technical resources to further develop gene sequencing and new drug research and development business in the international market, and introduce the international advanced sequencing technology and new drug technology into the domestic market. The company implemented a gene sequencing machine and related products exports of internationalization strategy, accelerate the industrialization and the internationalization of r&d company gene sequencing machine, promote the company and international famous enterprises and master advanced technology research institutions to cooperate with business docking, accelerating the company brand, the production, the internationalization of talent, technology, further enhance the company brand image and the core competitiveness, to open in the United States and the international market.
Wenqian shao is currently working on a gene sequencing project between zixin and Yale university. As the project principal, she has ambitions - introducing international advanced sequencing machine technology in the domestic market, to build with independent intellectual property rights as the core competitiveness of modern high-tech enterprises, boost the rapid development of domestic industry of gene sequencing, break the monopoly of the big three global sequencing industry situation, reduce the cost of sequencing, constantly promote the popularity of gene sequencing and explore in the field of scientific research, make contributions to human health.
Since Shao Wenqian ren, head of the overseas enterprise system, she visited many famous universities in the world, urging the purple xin pharmaceutical industry and the university of Cambridge, Oxford University, Britain's imperial university, the Netherlands o 'hara, Leiden university, Yale university, American quinnipiac university, the university of western Ontario, Canada college of traditional Chinese medicine has established r&d cooperation, greatly expand the purple xin pharmaceutical landscape of international cooperation.
As a female executive, shao wenqian pays attention to soft power such as influence, authorization, cooperation and equal communication. She also does a better job in the cultural transformation of the company. She works hard to build strength to win the trust and respect of her subordinates. Shao wenqian is good at employing people, and can organize an excellent team and stimulate the enthusiasm of team members, fully tap their wisdom and potential, and make the vision become a reality by using the strength of the team. Shao wenqian believes that the core of influence lies in the mutual infiltration between the leader and the audience. Through her own quality, charm and character, she influences the people around her to consciously work hard to achieve the goal. Shao wenqian has acute insight, rich imagination, accurate prediction, tough willpower and superb leadership, can accurately identify various risks and opportunities, and lose no time to make scientific and correct decisions, so that the enterprise in the competition in an invincible position.
The master said, "the court has heard of the tao. Shao wenqian has always taken lifelong learning as an attitude towards life. According to shao wenqian, innovation comes from continuous learning. She insists on learning modern business management concepts and methods, drawing on the management experience of internationally renowned enterprises, and constantly improving her own business management level.
Shao wenqian contains deep connotation, confident elegant demeanour and noble mind. Her grace defined her influence and management style. As an excellent enterprise executive, shao wenqian knows clearly what he needs and makes all efforts to achieve his goal. She knows how to be a good person, is good at decision-making, full of enthusiasm, has the courage to innovate, can unite the team and win the hearts of the people, and has both strong and gentle leadership charm. It is these personality charm, make her young wood show in the forest, become one of the best.
In shao wenqian, we see the self-reliance, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-improvement of the new female spirit. She gentle insist, do not make public, but send out a professional strong woman's unique aura. As a senior executive of a post-1990 listed company, she is young but not impetuous. Although she has achieved something, she is not arrogant. The girl born in the 1990s has been on the road, always chasing a new dream!
Shao wenqian visiting research scientist at Yale medical school