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17/5000 Dunhua municipal party secretary liu yanzhi to grass also Dan company research

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Liu yanzhi (first from left) is accompanied by the head of the company to visit the exhibition hall of the company's products and medicinal materials.
On July 25, 2018, the municipal party secretary of dunhua, liu yanzhi, went to caohuandan company to investigate the industrial and economic development of the company. Zhang guokai, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee, director of the administrative committee of the development zone and other relevant department heads accompanied the investigation.
Liu yanzhi got to know the production and operation situation of caohuandan company on the spot, and listened to the introduction of the enterprise development status, project construction and future development planning made by the general person in charge of caohuandan company. Liu thanked caohuandan for its contribution to dunhua's economic development and affirmed its future development plan. Liu yanzhi said, caohuandan company is located in the ancient city of aodong at the foot of changbai mountain, the treasure house of medicine. It is a new comprehensive enterprise integrating production, management, scientific research and development. Over the years, caohuandan company has been in continuous research and development, innovation and development, the brilliant company is the leader of the enterprise and the team led by all the staff down to earth to come out, do out. In the future work, the municipal party committee and government of dunhua will, as always, care and support caohuandan company, and promote the continuous and rapid development of caohuandan company.
Liu yanzhi stressed that in the process of the development of the company, involving the government departments, departments and units should take the initiative to help the company to solve the difficulties encountered, so that the company to focus on the grass also Dan management and production. The company should also make a good long-term plan, make a good overall development plan, and carefully plan good projects with development prospects, so as to ensure that the projects will be effective as scheduled.
Caohuandan company, as one of the important enterprises in dunhua medicine city, has been highly valued by the municipal party committee and municipal government of dunhua city. The caohuandan people will turn the care of leaders into the driving force of development, fulfill their mission and make great efforts to contribute to the economic and social development of dunhua medical city.