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The first national enterprise workstation of the Chinese medicine master Jin Shiyuan Studio is located in Zixin Pharmaceutical

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The first national enterprise workstation of the Chinese medicine master Jin Shiyuan Studio is located in Zixin Pharmaceutical
On the morning of July 22, 2018, Guo Shiyuan, a master of Chinese medicine, came to Changchun, Jilin Province, to unveil the “Jin Shiyuan Station of Jin Shiyuan Studio”. As the first enterprise workstation in Jin Shiyuan's studio, the Jilin sub-station chose to be located in Zixin Pharmaceutical, which is of great significance and far-reaching influence.
The 92-year-old Jin Shiyuan has been engaged in traditional Chinese medicine for 77 years. He is the only 60 Chinese medicine masters selected by the state. He is the only Chinese medicine master who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine. He is highly accomplished in the fields of Chinese medicine identification, processing, dispensing and proprietary Chinese medicine. It is called China's highly respected Chinese medicine master and master of Chinese medicine.
At the opening ceremony, Zhu Jiaqing, deputy director of the Bureau of Service of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the construction of the old Chinese medicine inheritance studio is one of the two important tasks in the National Development and Reform Commission's “National Health Insurance Project Construction Plan”. The planning requirements are mainly based on the province. The Chinese medicine hospital carries out the innovation and construction of traditional Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine professionals are not only the foundation and guarantee for the development of Chinese medicine, but also the first resource for inheritance and innovation.
Song Xiuying, deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that the establishment of the “Guide of the Chinese Medicine Master Jin Shiyuan Studio Jilin Branch” will be under the guidance of the Chinese medicine master Jin Shiyuan and his team, and the traditional processing of the medicinal materials (Guanji) in Northeast China. Standardization research on traceability, through the establishment of drug control standards, primary processing standards for authentic medicinal materials and the establishment of regional intelligent production line standards, integrating industry norms, achieving the scale and standardization of Chinese herbal medicine production in Jilin Province, and transforming into market capacity, comprehensive Promote the development of the Chinese medicine industry in Jilin Province and the pharmaceutical industry in Northeast China.
Guo Chunlin, the chairman of Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the head of the Chinese medicine master Jin Shiyuan Studio Jilin Branch, said that the establishment of the studio will help to carry out the inheritance and innovation of traditional Chinese medicine identification, processing, adjustment and rational application of traditional Chinese medicine, and build a good drug brand in the hospital. Further promote the reserve and training of Chinese medicine talents in Jilin Province. As an important part of the development of the company system, ginseng, in addition to upgrading its own breeding technology, the export of products is the primary task at this stage. The master of Chinese medicine, Jin Shiyuan, is of great importance both in academic status and in influence. On this occasion, we hope to establish the Jin Lao Studio in the company to enhance the academic, scientific research level and corporate influence of the company; on the other hand, we hope to establish long-term and benign cooperation with experts to promote the endorsement of the company's local ginseng.
Jin Shiyuan, a master of Chinese medicine, pointed out at the scene that the establishment of the studio will promote the scientific and technological heritage, cultural heritage, talent cultivation and resource development and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine, and have a positive effect on the construction of Chinese medicine, talent cultivation and service improvement.
At the opening ceremony, Prof. Yan Huaqiang, the head of the old Chinese medicine studio of Jin Shiyuan, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, pointed out in his speech that he hoped that Jin Shiyuan’s famous old Chinese medicine studio Jilin Branch would seriously inherit the valuable experience of Jin Lao and carry out the feasibility study of key discipline construction. To meet the needs of talent development and academic innovation.
As the first student and the first apprentice of Jin Lao, the old director of the Pharmacy Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital has been a master of more than 50 years. In an interview with reporters, Zhai Shengli said: "The teacher has always regarded the inheritance of Chinese medicine as a lifelong task and made every effort to promote and develop the whole country. This spirit is respectable! At present, there are more and more people in China who are engaged in Chinese medicine. However, there are still very few Chinese medicine practitioners. The biggest wish of the teacher is to make the Chinese medicine industry bigger and deeper. This is also our common wish. Zixin Pharmaceutical has been committed to the cultivation, production and marketing of Chinese herbal medicines for many years, and its scale. And standardization, we chose Zixin as one of the bases for research and development of 'Northern Medicine'. From this point of view, it is of great significance!"
Zhao Kuijun, director of the Pharmacy Department of Beijing Friendship Hospital, said that the establishment of the Jilin sub-station has a long-lasting effect not only on the development of traditional Chinese medicine in Northeast China, but also on the inheritance of the concept of traditional Chinese medicine.
Xu Daqing, general manager of Zixin Pharmaceutical, believes that the establishment of the Jilin Branch of the Chinese medicine master Jin Shiyuan Studio will play a comprehensive role in promoting the development of the entire Chinese medicine industry in Jilin Province and the Northeast Pharmaceutical. Zixin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. will adhere to the enterprise tenet of “Ting Shuren, Dezhi Brewing”, and combine the authentic medicinal materials of Northeast China with traditional Chinese medicine to benefit the health of the people throughout the country.
From July 21st to 23rd, the seminar on “Study on the optimization mode of primary processing of Chinese herbal medicines based on authentic attributes” was held concurrently. The well-known experts of Jin Shiyuan, Zhu Jiaqing, Yan Huaqiang and other masters of Chinese medicine masters discussed the research on the optimization model of the initial processing of Chinese herbal medicines based on the authentic attributes of the red stone breeding bases in Changchun and Zixin Pharmaceuticals. During the meeting, the experts also went to the ginseng breeding base, the ginseng electronic trading platform, the medicinal materials production site and other places for on-the-spot investigation.
Expert introduction:
Jin Shiyuan, member of the Communist Party of China, and a member of the Beijing Municipality, is the famous contemporary Chinese medicine scientist, director of Chinese pharmacists, post-doctoral postdoctoral tutor, famous doctor of the capital, and a representative inheritor of the national intangible cultural heritage "Chinese medicine processing technology". Second, five batches of national old Chinese medicine experts academic experience inheritance work instructors. In 1957, he obtained the qualification certificate of Chinese medicine practitioners; in 1988, he was awarded the “Experts with outstanding contributions” in Beijing; in 1991, he was granted special allowances issued by the State Council. He is currently a lifelong director of the Chinese Medicine Association, a national secret technology Chinese medicine review expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology, an executive director of the Beijing Chinese Medicine Association, a member of the editorial board of the national large-scale book "Chinese Materia Medica", a technical consultant of the Chinese herbal medicine company and the Beijing Tongrentang Group. In 1984, he published the monograph "The Rational Use of Chinese Patent Medicine", which has rich experience in the rational use of Chinese patent medicines. It is a master of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine masters.
Zhu Jiaqing graduated from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Master's degree, professor, researcher and chief physician of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, master's tutor. He is currently the director of the Information Management Center of the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences. He is also the deputy director of the Service Bureau of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the expert group of the Informationization Professional Committee of the Chinese National Health Association, the member of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Medicine Information Research Association Health Committee, and the deputy head; the expert of the Chinese Medicine Project Evaluation Expert Group of the Ministry of Science and Technology. Experts from the Health and Family Planning Commission of the New Rural Cooperative Medical Experts Group, experts from the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine on Chinese Medicine Information Release, and experts from the Capital Health Development Research Project Evaluation Team.
Yan Huaqiang, male, medical doctor, associate professor, deputy chief physician. Main research areas: basic theory and clinical application of traditional Chinese medicine.