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Accurate development, creating a good situation in the first half of the year

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On April 11, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine held the first meeting (expansion) meeting in 2017 to take stock of the progress in the first quarter and deploy the second quarter. Wang Guoqiang, deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and director of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, stressed at the meeting that it is necessary to further tighten the responsibility screws and tighten the responsibility clockwork, and strive to create a good situation in the first half of the year.


At the meeting, Wang Guoqiang fully affirmed the achievements of the National Bureau in the first quarter. He pointed out that the work in the first quarter achieved a good start, high opening and high, focusing on the implementation of "one law and one outline", insisting on the combination of comprehensive strength and precision, and achieved breakthroughs in the promotion and key points. The implementation of the central deployment measures was effective, and the work related to the two sessions was remarkable. The comprehensive deepening of the reforms was promoted in depth, and the key tasks were scheduled in an orderly manner, laying a solid foundation for doing a good job throughout the year.


Wang Guoqiang deployed the key tasks in the second quarter and put forward six work requirements. He pointed out that we must do our best to implement the Chinese medicine law. It is necessary to raise the power of the overall situation, gather the wisdom of the system, and do a good job of strengthening the overall planning, carrying out the preaching in depth, and stressing the contents of the Chinese Medicine Law, focusing on the key points and inspiring the spirit. It is necessary to reverse the construction period, concentrate energy, grasp the time nodes, do a good job in grassroots research and drafting work, and complete the formulation of supporting documents for the registration of Chinese medicine clinics on time, and the registration management methods for doctors who have expertise in Chinese medicine.


Second, we must do our best to plan and implement key projects. It is necessary to determine the alternative projects for the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine projects as soon as possible, start the project construction project, formulate the implementation plan for each sub-project of the Yellow River Project as soon as possible, select, support and cultivate a group of high-level top-notch talents, prepare and implement the standardization project of Chinese medicine, and organize the development of the region. The construction of a traditional Chinese medicine (specialist) clinic will launch the “Chinese Medicine Health Culture Promotion Action”.


Third, we must do our best to do a comprehensive investigation of the leadership of the bureau. It is necessary to conduct research on the formulation of supporting documents for Chinese medicine law, to clarify the key points of system design and opinions and suggestions from various places, to in-depth study and understanding of the work of Chinese medicine at various levels since the 18th National Party Congress, and to prepare for perfecting policies and innovation theories. 


Fourth, we must fully promote the work of deepening medical reform and Chinese medicine. The main task of deepening the medical reform this year is to do a good job of the column and beam task, and do a good job from the top-level design and task implementation. It is necessary to deepen the system of deepening the reform of medical reform and the province to link Chinese medicine reform, and to guide the local governments to launch various pilot forms of medical association construction, promote the role of Chinese medicine in family doctor contracting services, and actively participate in the public hospital compensation system. Pilot reform, promote the inclusion of public TCM hospitals in reform pilots, and accelerate the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Action for the improvement of grassroots Chinese medicine service capabilities.


Fifth, we must cooperate with the relevant work of major diplomatic activities. In accordance with the general secretary’s request to “promote Chinese medicine to the world”, adhere to the idea of ​​“openness, tolerance, mutual learning and mutual learning”, focusing on the two major diplomats of the “One Belt and One Road” International Cooperation Summit Forum and the BRICS High Level Traditional Medicine Conference. Activities, formulate work plans, clarify the division of tasks, reverse the construction period, highlight the focus of traditional Chinese medicine experience, and let Chinese medicine add color to the “One Belt, One Road” international cooperation summit forum.


Sixth, we must do our best to do the selection and commendation work of the masters of Chinese medicine and the famous Chinese medicine practitioners. It is necessary to formulate a commendation plan as soon as possible, advance the selection process, summarize the experience of the three-time selection of Chinese medicine masters, and study and formulate the management methods for masters of traditional Chinese medicine and national famous Chinese medicine.


At the meeting, Wang Guoqiang also put forward requirements for the implementation of various tasks. He stressed that we must keep an eye on the goals, wait for them, work closely together, and emphasize that we must maintain steady progress in our work and promote deepening reforms in our work. We will achieve key breakthroughs in the work and play the role of Chinese medicine in promoting the construction of healthy China. Yu Wenming, Ma Jianzhong and Wang Zhiyong, deputy directors of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, attended the meeting. Relevant responsible comrades of various departments and subordinate units of the bureau were present.