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The scale of Chinese medicine industry in 2020 is 4 trillion. The industry calls for the establishment of a unified standard.

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Traditional Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation. In recent years, China has intensively introduced the support policy for the Chinese medicine industry. The total national health expenditure will increase from the current 3 trillion yuan to 8 trillion yuan in 2020. The scale of the Chinese medicine industry will reach 3 trillion in 2020. To 4 trillion yuan (RMB). However, subject to industrial dispersion and low standardization, the overall level of Chinese herbal medicines and Chinese herbal medicines industry is uneven, which directly affects the long-term development of Chinese medicine.


The Chinese traditional medicine industry chain includes upstream Chinese herbal medicine cultivation, breeding, collection, mid-stream Chinese medicine decoction processing, processing, downstream Chinese patent medicine enterprises, Chinese medicine hospitals, pharmacies, etc., Chinese medicine decoction pieces are in the key link of the industrial chain.


Market expansion opportunities: establishing uniform standards


In recent years, the "Chinese Medicine Law of the People's Republic of China", "Outline of Chinese Medicine Development Strategy Plan (2016-2030)", "Health China 2030" Planning Outline, and "Chinese Medicine for Chinese Medicine" have been released in succession. The policies and regulations issued by the pharmaceutical highlight the importance the state attaches to the development of Chinese medicine.


At the kick-off meeting of the “Development and Supervision of Chinese Herbal Pieces Industry” jointly sponsored by the State Food and Drug Administration and the CFDA Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute, Lin Jianning, director of the CFDA Southern Medicine Economic Research Institute, introduced the Chinese traditional Chinese medicine decoction industry. It has a long history but there are many development bottlenecks. The first is that the record of Chinese medicine processing began in the Warring States Period, but the format of the complex is complex, including traditional decoction pieces, Chinese medicine formula granules, Chinese medicine broken wall pieces and delicate pieces, ultrafine powder, precise boiled pieces The diversification trend; the second is the low concentration of industry, the overall production of the food industry is small, the pyramids are distributed in the industry, and small enterprises account for the vast majority, but the competition is fierce.


The third is the loss of high-end resources. At present, cross-regional planting in the form of “agricultural by-products” has caused some varieties to be seriously degraded. What is more worthy of attention is that due to the regional differences and quality differences of Chinese herbal medicine resources, the industry standard relies on more subjective factors. It is necessary to further strengthen the standardization of Chinese medicine decoction pieces, improve the inspection standards, and further promote the quality standard of Chinese medicine decoction pieces; Insufficient innovation and blurred direction.


On the one hand, the gradual shortage and shortage of medicinal materials resources, the utilization rate is low; on the other hand, the industry technology of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces can not meet the multi-level functional requirements of clinical treatment, disease prevention and health care. Lin Jianning said that it is to adhere to the traditional authenticity? Or another way? How to deal with changes in regulation? How to regulate management to promote the healthy development of the industry? This is the focus of this research.


Traditional Chinese medicine grafted with modern technology: can not completely abandon the good tradition


According to the country's positioning of the Chinese medicine industry, the volume of Chinese medicine industry in 2020 will reach 3 trillion - 4 trillion. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales revenue of the Chinese herbal medicines industry in 2016 was 192.2 billion yuan, which was the lowest in the pharmaceutical industry (6.5%), but the growth rate was the fastest (13.1%), higher than the overall growth rate of the pharmaceutical economy. Good development momentum.


International demand for Chinese medicines, especially botanicals, has shown rapid growth in recent years. The botanicals in the international market have reached a market share of 40 billion US dollars, growing at a rate of nearly 20% every year. At present, 4 billion people worldwide use Chinese herbal medicine products, accounting for 80% of the world's total population.


Zhang Shichen, vice president of the Chinese Medicine Association and director of the Chinese Medicine Decoction Pieces Professional Committee, said that China is in urgent need of standardizing the production process of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces and establishing a standard system for traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, and introducing modern scientific and technological innovation and development on the basis of inheriting tradition. He pointed out that in the Chinese medicine system, China should not completely abandon the things of its ancestors and must have national self-confidence.


Li Jiangning, director of the General Division of the Pharmacological Registration Department of the State Food and Drug Administration, said that in 2016, the profit of the Chinese herbal medicines industry was 14 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.3%, accounting for 4.6% of the total profits of the pharmaceutical industry. The compound growth rate of sales of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces reached 21.7%, and the proportion of sales rose to 6.5%. The status of the industry has been steadily improved.


He believes that regardless of the scale of the industry or the level of industrial activity, the development quality and development level of the Chinese medicine industry, especially the traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces, greatly affect the development level of the entire pharmaceutical industry and the safety level of residents.


At present, the State Food and Drug Administration is taking advantage of the opportunity of the reform of the drug approval system to improve the efficiency of drug registration review and strive to introduce the registration management methods for Chinese medicines. In addition, the management of Chinese medicine formula granules is being further standardized, and the documents have been submitted to the State Council; In addition, it is taking the lead in organizing the preparation of the national standard for the preparation of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. This is the first time in the history of Chinese traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces. The Pharmacopoeia has been organized to complete the drafting of the first part and is published on the website of the Pharmacopoeia.