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Li Keqiang: The social medical practitioners who meet the planning conditions and the qualifications for admission shall not be

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On May 3, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting, decided to raise the central government's natural disaster living subsidy standards, speed up the recovery and reconstruction of the housing due to disasters, and determine measures to support the development of social medical and health tourism to meet the multi-level diversity of the masses. Health needs; deployment promotes large and medium-sized commercial banks to set up the Inclusive Financial Business Unit, focusing on small and micro enterprises and “three rural” and other service enhancement capabilities.
The meeting pointed out that the implementation of the disaster relief subsidy policy in accordance with the Party Central Committee and the State Council's deployment is a concrete manifestation of the practice of the people-centered development and is an important part of the basic people's livelihood guarantee. The meeting decided that, in combination with the actual situation of disaster relief work and the price increase in recent years, the central government will implement uniform standards for typhoon and other types of natural disasters, and substantially increase the level of subsidies, while greatly increasing the comfort of families members of the victims of heavy natural disasters. Central subsidy standards for gold, transitional life assistance and reconstruction of private housing. The above-mentioned central subsidy funds shall be used by the local authorities according to the actual formulation methods. In response to the 157,000 households that need to be rebuilt in the past year due to disaster damage and the 487,000 households that need to be repaired, the meeting requested that all levels of government and relevant departments in the disaster areas have to do a lot of work, and most of the damaged houses have been reconstructed or repaired. On the basis of this, we will continue to intensify our efforts, make good use of funds and ensure quality, and ensure that the housing problems of the affected people who have been living in temporary resettlement shelters due to disasters last year will be solved. The floods will be completely rebuilt before the end of September. Let the affected people get out of the temporary resettlement as soon as possible and step into a new life.
The meeting held that it is an important measure to deepen medical reform, make up shortcomings, and improve people's livelihood by aiming at the multi-level and diversified health needs of the masses, promoting the decentralization of power in the medical field, combining management, optimizing services, and vigorously supporting social forces to provide medical services. The meeting confirmed that it is necessary to encourage social forces to hold general practice clinics and independent medical institutions, rehabilitation and other professional institutions to promote the chain of provincial and municipal chain operations such as Chinese medicine clinics and outpatient departments. Attract foreign investors to joint ventures to establish high-level medical institutions. Second, we must implement one-stop acceptance, parallel approval, and online approval for social medical practitioners. The chain-operated medical institutions can handle the industrial and commercial registration by the headquarters. Social medical practitioners who meet the planning conditions and qualifications may not be restricted for any reason, and the individual clinic settings are not restricted by the planning layout. Implement regional registration of physicians to promote orderly mobility and multi-point practice. Third, we must focus on improving the quality of medical services provided by the society and exploring an inclusive and effective approach to prudential supervision. Severely crack down on illegal and illegal behaviors such as opening licenses, contracting departments, false advertisements, illegal medical practice, etc. The meeting proposed to promote the deep integration of health, tourism and old-age care, guide social capital investment, encourage the development of high-end medical care, Chinese medicine health care, rehabilitation, leisure and health care products, and accelerate the cultivation and development of the health tourism market.
The meeting pointed out that inclusive finance is related to development and equity and is conducive to promoting entrepreneurial innovation and employment. In accordance with the "Government Work Report" deployment, efforts will be made to promote supply-side structural reforms, and promote large and medium-sized commercial banks to set up Pratt & Whitney Financial Division, which focuses on serving small and micro enterprises, "three rural", poverty alleviation, mass entrepreneurship, and innovation. The coverage and availability of financial services provide effective support to the real economy and prevent realism. The meeting made it clear that large commercial banks should complete the establishment of the Inclusive Finance Department in 2017 and become the backbone of the development of inclusive finance. In accordance with the principle of commercial sustainability, special credit review, risk management, resource security, performance appraisal and other mechanisms are adopted to decentralize credit approval authority, implement professional operation management, and strictly implement the growth rate of small and micro enterprise loans not less than the average increase of various loans. The rate of speed, households and subscriptions is not lower than the same period of the previous year. Relevant departments of the State Council should improve measures such as tax incentives, risk compensation, and differential supervision, and link up with policies such as promoting “double innovation”, give play to the financial guarantee system to support the development of inclusive finance, and rationally improve small and micro enterprises. Non-performing loan tolerance of businesses such as agriculture and poverty alleviation, financial institutions that meet the requirements of inclusive financial services can give certain incentives in monetary and credit policies and support commercial banks to improve their service networks. The various measures work together to promote employment expansion, economic upgrading and improvement of people's livelihood with the use of convenient financial services.