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Zixin Liuhe Company held a grand 2017 annual work summary

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On February 4, 2018, the beginning of the 24th solar term was the beginning of spring. In this symbolic beginning of the spring, the day of profound significance, Zixin Liuhe Company held a grand summary of 2017 annual work. More than 400 employees of the company enthusiastically participated in the conference. Xu Daqing, general manager of the group, Han Ming, vice president of production, and Zhang Wanheng, secretary of the board of directors, made a special trip from Changchun to attend the conference.


The conference will first give recognition to advanced individuals and advanced collectives who have performed outstandingly well in the 2017 work. Mr. Luo Fang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the company and chairman of the labor union, read out the recognition decision. The leaders of the Group and Liuhe Company issued honorary certificates and prizes to the honored advanced individuals and advanced collectives. Advanced personal representatives and advanced collective representatives successively spoke.


Subsequently, Xu Liang, Vice President of the company's quality, and Liu Wenyan, Deputy General Manager of Production, summed up the company's quality and production work in 2017, and achieved results and work for Liuhe Company in 2017 in terms of quality management, GMP certification, completion of production tasks, and implementation of process improvements. The problems and deficiencies in China were summarized and analyzed, and the work goals and implementation measures for 2018 were briefly described.


Next, Yu Shuxia, the general manager of Liuhe Company, made the 2017 annual report. In total, he reviewed the major achievements of Liuhe's production and operation in 2017. Drug production in the case of a serious shortage of production capacity, an increase of 60.37%, to achieve the largest historical output and the largest increase; under the care and support of the leadership of the group, the construction of the new plant area in an orderly and efficient manner, to achieve the overall construction goals; after six months With much effort, the GMP certification of the old plant area completed the on-site certification inspection at the end of September and obtained the GMP certificate on November 16. In terms of safety production, the company did not have a safety accident for the whole year of 2017 and was awarded the “Outstanding Unit for Safety Production in Liuhe County”. title. The company's other work has also achieved remarkable results.


While seeing the achievements, he objectively pointed out the outstanding problems and deficiencies in the company's production and operation, and elaborated the countermeasures taken in response to these problems. In total, the university students put forward earnest expectations for college students who have taken up jobs shortly. They encouraged them to take a long-term perspective and learn skills to lay a solid foundation for their own development. With the continued development of Zixin Pharmaceutical, the company will provide them with a broader development platform.


For the business development plan for 2018, Yu Zong pointed out that drug production must fully meet the market demand. The new plant area should pass GMP certification as soon as possible and formally put into production. It is necessary to do a good job of ensuring product quality and safe production, improve the overall management level of enterprises, and improve management efficiency. Focused work such as efficiency.


Finally, the group leaders who attended the conference made important speeches. Xu Daqing, general manager of the group, briefly introduced the status quo and development trend of the pharmaceutical industry and described the ambitious development goals of Zixin Pharmaceutical. Han Ming, vice president of production, fully affirmed Liuhe’s achievements in the past year and expressed his deep feelings for Liuhe’s development and changes over the past year or so. Zhang Wanheng, secretary of the board of directors, combined with his own work and growth experience, briefly reviewed the development history and major changes of Zixin Pharmaceutical. He said that Zixin employees will continue to benefit from the continuous development of the company. As a Zixin employee, it should be full of pride and honor.


After the conclusion of the conference, wonderful cultural performances officially kicked off. The content of the program is rich and varied, including songs, dances, sketches, operas, etc. The participating personnel performed their talents and presented an audio-visual feast for everyone. In the case of an abnormally busy production, the production frontline staff took time out to rehearse without regard to the fatigue of the work, which was particularly admirable. Multiple rounds of draws were interspersed throughout the show. Every time the lucky draw was held, the atmosphere on the spot instantly became hot. Along with the winner’s singing of the winning number, the cheers from the audience rose one after another. Whether the winner receives a cash bonus or a physical prize, his face is full of happiness.


In a happy and peaceful atmosphere, the annual summary conference of Zixin Liuhe 2017 was successfully concluded. In January 2018, the company's pharmaceutical production was renewed. The output exceeded the 20,000 mark, creating a record high and achieving a new year.


In the new year, Zixin Liuhe will unite with one another under the unified leadership of the Group and make every effort to complete all the work goals of the year, and will dedicate the company to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Zixin Pharmaceutical with outstanding operating results.



Group general manager Xu Daqing delivered a speech



Han Ming, Deputy General Manager of Production Group Speaks



Secretary of the Board of Directors Zhang Wanheng made a speech



Yu Shuxia, General Manager of Liuhe Company, made the 2017 Annual Report



Three workshops for solid preparations opened the show



The union president Luo Fang sang “Beijing Jinshan Shang” (dance: Solid Formulation 2 workshop)