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Encourage social forces to fully develop Chinese medicine services

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A few days ago, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Supporting Social Forces to Provide Multi-level Diversified Medical Services" (see the full text of the author's full text), and clarify the main tasks and policy measures for the development of social medical services in the next period. The "Opinions" proposes to give full play to the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, encourage social forces to serve the core of famous doctors, famous medicines, famous subjects and famous arts, and provide process optimization, high quality Chinese medicine, health care, rehabilitation, pension, health tourism, etc. service.


The "Opinions" clarify that encouraging social forces to provide medical services is an inevitable requirement for deepening medical reform, improving people's livelihood, and improving the health quality of the whole people. It is an important measure to prosper and strengthen the health industry, release domestic demand potential, and promote economic transformation and upgrading. It is of great significance to build a well-off society in an all-round way. The "Opinions" require that by 2020, the capacity of social forces to operate medical services will be significantly enhanced, medical technology, service quality, and brand reputation will be significantly improved. The support for professional talents, health insurance, and medical technology will be further consolidated, and the industry's development environment will be fully optimized. We will build a large number of social medical institutions with strong service competitiveness, and form a number of influential special health service industry clusters. The service supply will basically meet domestic demand and gradually form a new pattern of multi-level diversified medical services.


The "Opinions" propose to expand multi-level and diversified services. Encourage the development of general medical services, accelerate the development of specialized services, comprehensively develop Chinese medicine services, develop cutting-edge medical services in an orderly manner, actively develop personalized medical services, promote the development of multi-format integration services, and explore the development of characteristic health service industry clusters. The "Opinions" require that the unique advantages of traditional Chinese medicine should be brought into full play, and that social forces should be encouraged to serve the core of the service of famous doctors, famous medicines, famous subjects and famous arts, and provide Chinese medicine, health care, rehabilitation, pension, health tourism, etc. with optimized process and high quality. service. Promote powerful social institutions such as Chinese medicine clinics and outpatient departments (Chinese medicine halls, national medical halls) and other institutions to become bigger and stronger, and achieve cross-provincial chain management and scale development. In places where conditions permit, TCM clinics and TCM clinics that only provide traditional Chinese medicine services can be relatively concentrated to create a Chinese medicine service area with strong Chinese medicine culture atmosphere, and promote the shift from focusing on disease treatment to health maintenance and development. Diversified services such as rehabilitation. Promote the construction of national TCM health tourism demonstration zones, demonstration bases and demonstration projects.


The "Opinions" propose to further expand market opening. We will relax market access and promote the accelerated development of social medical treatment. Anyone who meets the planning conditions and the qualifications for admission shall not be restricted for any reason. Simplify the optimization and approval service, optimize the conditions, procedures and time limits for the various approvals, and streamline the integration and approval process. Promote investment and cooperation, support social organizations to strengthen cooperation and complement each other's strengths, and encourage public hospitals and social medical institutions to establish agreements and cooperation in talent, management, service, technology and brand. We will raise the level of opening up to the outside world, encourage the establishment of socially-run Chinese medicine medical institutions for overseas consumers, enhance the scale and quality of Chinese medicine service trade, and cultivate internationally renowned Chinese medicine brands, service organizations and enterprises. Actively play the role of leading Chinese medicine medical institutions and industry organizations, take the initiative to develop TCM service trade rules and standards, and build a global TCM service trade promotion system.


The "Opinions" proposes to strengthen policy support for social medical treatment, strengthen human resources protection, implement improved insurance support policies, promote the application of new medical technology and new products, strengthen fiscal, taxation, investment and financing support, and rationally strengthen land use security. Strict industry supervision and industry self-discipline, improve management systems and standards, strengthen supervision throughout the industry, and improve the level of integrity management.


The "Opinions" require all relevant departments in various regions to fully understand the importance of supporting social forces to provide multi-level and diversified medical services, strengthen organizational leadership, supervise research and exploration and innovation, clarify the division of tasks and time limits, and continuously enrich and improve the social promotion office. Policy measures for medical development.