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The scale of ginseng industry should reach 100 billion

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On May 23, Li Jinxiu, deputy governor of Jilin Province, accompanied by Qiu Deliang, the director of the Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, went to Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to investigate and advocate the principle of resource development, technology leadership, education first, and future-oriented. Strengthen the Chinese medicine industry and fully promote the strategy of strengthening the province of traditional Chinese medicine.


Li Jinxiu demanded that the barriers restricting the revitalization and development of Chinese medicine should be broken, the multi-sectoral synergy should be formed, and the ability of Chinese medicine to serve the social development should be improved to provide a guarantee for the healthy construction of Jilin. It is necessary to give full play to the advantages of Chinese medicine resources and education and scientific research, and accelerate the construction of colleges and universities in the provincial bureaus. Increase the research and development of Chinese medicine, establish a high-level research and development platform and a transformation system for results. Pay attention to the coordinated development of Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese medicine, and promote the leap-forward development of the Chinese medicine industry.


Further improve the inheritance and spread of Chinese medicine culture, increase publicity efforts, create a public opinion environment, and form a strong atmosphere of Chinese medicine practitioners, Chinese medicine practitioners, and Chinese medicine practitioners.


Jilin Province has unique and high-quality Chinese medicine resources, especially the authentic medicinal materials represented by ginseng. This year, Jilin Province proposed the ginseng industry revitalization project, which will further promote the rapid development of the province's ginseng industry. It is necessary to give full play to the scientific research advantages of the Jilin Province Ginseng Science Research Institute, accelerate the scientific research and public relations of the ginseng industry, and clarify the direction and focus of the research. Strengthen the standard research, lead the formulation of international standards for ginseng, provide ginseng product technology for enterprises inside and outside the province, build a series of ginseng brands, and support the scale of ginseng industry in the province to reach 100 billion