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Jilin started Chinese medicine quality improvement project

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The quality of Chinese medicine is good or bad, which is the fundamental guarantee for the development of Chinese medicine. Recently, the Jilin Provincial Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine issued the “Work Plan for the Quality Improvement Project of Traditional Chinese Medicines in Medical Institutions in Jilin Province”, and proposed to use the three-year period to gradually establish a Chinese medicine pharmacy management system that regulates formalization, standardization of decoction pieces, and rationalization of talent structure.


The "Proposal" clarifies that in the quality control of procurement links, the implementation of the "two-vote system" for drug procurement in public Chinese medical institutions, the establishment of a quality control center for Chinese medicines, and the development and publication of the "Special Inspection Work Plan for the Management of Chinese Herbal Pieces in Medical Institutions in Jilin Province" and Check the evaluation details. Relying on the provincial pharmaceutical machinery procurement service platform, the establishment of a provincial-level Chinese medicine decoction piece (including Chinese medicine formula granules) procurement platform, and gradually promote the purchase of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces (including Chinese medicine formula granules). Select experts and organize supervision and spot checks on the management of traditional Chinese medicine decoction pieces in the province's TCM medical institutions, increase the publicity of Chinese medicine public opinion, establish and improve the long-term working mechanism of Chinese medicine decoction pieces management in medical institutions, and ensure medical safety.


The "Proposal" proposes to strengthen the cultivation of Chinese medicine talents. We will promote the training of the “National Chinese Medicine Characteristic Technology Inheritance Project” and train high-quality talents in the province. Among the senior Chinese medicine practitioners who have been engaged in the protection and utilization of traditional Chinese medicine resources, Chinese medicine processing, identification, traditional pharmaceutical technology, preparations and Chinese medicine pharmacy management, etc., selected 2 batches of 20 “National Chinese Medicine Characteristic Technology Heritage Projects”. The trainees will continue to support the trainees to participate in the study of the National Education Advantage Training and Training Base (Chinese Medicine) project units in various countries. At the same time, through the training of Chinese medicine talents for the whole country, the management of Chinese medicine pharmacy and the training course of Chinese medicine knowledge and skills, etc., the theoretical foundation of the project participants will be improved, the practical experience of the students will be enriched, and the practical skills of the students will be improved.


In addition, the "Proposal" also proposes to combine the province's traditional Chinese medicine resources category, in line with the principle of "unified planning, rational division of labor, and step-by-step implementation", to initiate the revision of the province's three-year Chinese medicine decoction processing standard by means of project establishment and other means. For the work, some varieties that meet the customary basis of the local medicinal materials and the basis for the customary use of the processing regulations will be selected to carry out research on the processing technology of the Chinese medicinal materials in the original processing specifications, and the processing of the authentic medicinal materials of Jilin Province, especially the valuable medicinal materials. The specific content of the technology is collated and supplemented to improve the local standards of precious herbs.