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Jilin Global Promotion Conference highlights “Northern Medicine Capital”

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On June 13th, “Open China: Wonderful Jilin Meets the World” Jilin Global Promotion Conference was held in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Liu Guozhong, governor of Jilin Province, at the meeting, introduced the Jilin Province as the "Northern Medicine Capital" to Chinese and foreign guests.


This promotion meeting is part of the global promotion activities of the provincial and municipal governments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is also the largest and most concentrated external publicity and promotion activity carried out by Jilin Province in recent years through the national platform. Liu Guozhong introduced that Jilin is known as the “Northern Medicine Capital” in China. There are 363 key varieties of medicinal materials in China, and 137 of them are in Jilin. One out of every 12 drug approval numbers in the country is awarded to Jilin.


At the meeting, the Jilin specialty exhibition hall was particularly eye-catching. Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi also came to the exhibition area to learn about the industrial development of Jilin ginseng. Many Chinese and foreign guests visited Jilin “the king” and the excellent quality of Jilin ginseng attracted a lot of praise.