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Zhu Haidong: Enhancing the international influence of Chinese medicine and comprehensively promoting the "going out" of Chinese

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People's Daily Online, Beijing, June 28th, the National Health and Family Planning Commission held a media briefing on the BRICS Health Ministers' Meeting and the High Level Meeting on Traditional Medicine. During the meeting, Deputy Director Zhu Haidong of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said that he hopes to build a cooperation platform for traditional medicine in the BRICS countries through this high-level meeting of traditional Chinese medicine in the BRICS countries, to create a community of destiny for the development of traditional medicine, and to promote traditional medicine. The land benefits the BRIC countries and the people of the world.


Zhu Haidong pointed out that the BRICS countries have their own traditional medicine and have a long history. They still play a huge role in the health of their own people. China and the BRICS countries have carried out many bilateral, multilateral, government and non-governmental cooperation, and look forward to a breakthrough in the platform of the high-level meeting of traditional medicine.


Zhu Haidong believes that there are three important points for exchanges and cooperation with the BRICS countries in the field of traditional medicine: First, it is conducive to promoting the commonwealth among the BRICS countries and for the cooperation of the BRICS countries to lay a solid foundation for public opinion. To promote the common people, traditional medicine is an effective "glue." The exchanges and cooperation between the BRICS countries in the field of traditional medicine, sharing the precious and healthy wealth of human civilization, can enable more people in the BRICS countries to feel the real benefits and make the relationship between countries closer.


Secondly, it is conducive to improving the recognition and competitiveness of traditional medicine including Chinese medicine in the international community. The BRICS countries are both traditional medicine countries and large biodiversity countries. Therefore, the BRICS countries have broad common interests in the formulation of international standards for traditional medicine, the formulation of international regulations, and the implementation of the International Convention on Biological Diversity. The BRICS countries form a community of interests, which is conducive to gaining more voice and dominance on the stage of relevant international organizations and enhancing competitiveness.


Finally, it is conducive to the overseas development of Chinese medicine itself. The BRICS countries are located in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Carrying out the exchanges and cooperation of traditional medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine, with the focus on the four countries, can set a good example for the relevant cooperation between China and other countries, and bring more countries and regions to the public, and greatly enhance the international influence of Chinese medicine. Medicine "goes out".