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“Specialized Research on Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine” | 19 research directions funded about 500 million

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On August 4th, the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the “Notice on the Issuance of the National Key Research and Development Plan for Food Safety Key Technology R&D and the Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Projects 2017 Project Declaration Guide”, and officially announced the two key special projects for the 2017 project. All relevant units organize project declaration work according to the guidelines.


The "Guidelines for the Application of 2017 Projects for the Specialization of Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine" pointed out that the purpose of the special project was to use modern science and technology to strengthen the theoretical innovation of traditional Chinese medicine and the modern inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, to accelerate the objectification of the four diagnostic clinics of Chinese medicine, and to treat Chinese medicine. Breakthrough of key technologies such as “not sick”, formulate a number of clinical programs for the prevention and treatment of major diseases and difficult diseases of Chinese medicine, develop a batch of Chinese medicine health products, enhance the level of international scientific and technological cooperation of Chinese medicine, accelerate the modern improvement of Chinese medicine services and the Chinese medicine The development of the health industry.


At the same time, the guideline is clear, the special project focuses on the three major areas of Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of major diseases, Chinese medicine "treatment of disease", Chinese medicine development and quality control, and carries out full chain and integrated design from basic, clinical and industrial links. The special research task is decomposed into six major tasks: Chinese medicine theory inheritance and innovation, Chinese medicine prevention and control major diseases, Chinese medicine resources guarantee, Chinese medicine big health industry science and technology demonstration, Chinese medicine internationalization, national medicine inheritance and innovation, and will be in the above 6 in 2017. The mission is to deploy 19 research directions, with a total budget of about 500 million yuan.